Who are you like?

Did you know that each character has their own personality? Felix the Fox is very shy and loves nature, while Leah the Lion is fiery and insists she be the leader in their games! Who do you like best?

Crinklz the White Tiger

Are you cute, curious, and playful?

Learn about Crinklz

Leah the African Lion

Are you a natural leader, protector, and ball of energy?

Learn About Leah

Felix the European Red Fox

Are you creative, shy, and like to daydream?

Learn about Felix

Max the Ecuadorian Capuchin Monkey

Are you an imaginative tiny tot who likes to giggle and tumble?

Learn About Max

Theodore the Grizzly Bear

Do you like puzzles, building things, and wonder how things work?

Learn About Theo

Alma the Berkut Golden Eagle

Are you a natural caregiver and always want the best for your little one?

Learn about Alma

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