Why Adult Diapers?

Quality and compassion over price gouging.

In 2012, manufacturers of incontince products started to offer inferior products to accommodate the new German healthcare regulations. These laws reduced the monthly fixed rate for all incontinence supplies.

As users ourselves, we recognized the need for quality products. We firmly believe that incontinence care is a quality-of-life issue, one that most companies overlook for economic gain. Because we know what it means to need adult diapers on a daily basis, it was important to us to offer our products at a lower price-point, as well.

Our driving factors have always been superior quality with a sustainable pricetag, which we achieved with BetterDry adult diapers. And because we believe that every adult has a fun inner child, we created Crinklz! Because we're all young at heart!

About Us

  • J.P. Lauer

    When asked which print he liked best, JP couldn't decide. He loves them all because he's the one who designed them! As someone who's struggled with incontinence his entire life, he's the reason why Crinklz has the superior quality that it does - he wears Crinklz nightly!

  • Holger Seybold - owner of Crinklz Adult Diapers

    Holger Seybold

    Holger takes care of logistics and B2B sales, so you won't see him at conventions. You probably wouldn't guess it by looking at him, but his favorite print is Fairy Tale! If he had his say, the next character he'd want to join the Crinklz Crew would be a turtle 🐢. He loves them!

  • Marci McAdam

    Marci is the brilliant artist behind all of the Crinklz and BetterDry products. She's been a full-time freelance illustrator since 2001, and she's currently working on writing and designing children’s books.

    Visit Marci's website
Crinklz cares about the ABDL community. An image of adults in playpen in Amsterdamn, Netherlands.
Crinklz supports the ABDL Community. JP at West Coast Jungle Gym in San Diego, California.
Crinklz supports the ABDL community. Playing at AB Heaven in the Harz Mountains of Germany
Crinklz supports the ABDL community. Selling at CAPCon in Chicago, Il, USA.

Community Involvement

More than ourselves, we like to focus on our customers. From offering donations to volunteering, we are firm believers in giving back to the community.

If you see us at a convention or meet-up, be sure to say "hi!". We'd love to meet you!