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Crinklz - Original

The Original

The Crinklz Original print is the classic print that's filled with the Crinklz Crew laughing and playing. The soft white backsheet is decorated with green rolling hills and dotted with fun stars.

Helpful rows of larger stars on the wings of the diaper help place the four large second-chance tapes consistently.

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Our diapers are manufactured in the European Union in accordance with medical device regulations so you can rely on their consistent quality and the absence of harmful materials, for example those listed in California Proposition 65. You do not have to worry about latex either, since our diapers are latex free.

Discreet Shipping

Each case holds four polybags of 15 diapers each (for a total of 60 diapers) and they're shipped in a discreet white box.

Crinklz Original adult diaper polybag size S front view
Crinklz - Original
Crinklz Original adult diaper 3D model
Crinklz Original adult diaper polybag 3D model
Crinklz Original adult diaper front view
Crinklz Original adult diaper rear view
Crinklz Original adult diaper unfolded
Crinklz Original adult diaper two diaper stack
Crinklz Original adult diaper polybag size M front view
Crinklz Original adult diaper polybag size L front view
Crinklz Original adult diaper polybag size XL front view
Crinklz Original adult diaper polybag size S rear view
Crinklz Original adult diaper case size M

Adorably Original

Are you ready to play? Crinklz Original is all about little ones having fun in the cutest way. Play soccer with Leah or dance like no one is watching, like Theo! Whisper your secrets to your ladybug friends like Felix or, if you’re content just being your adorable self, snuggle with a blankie like Crinklz the tiger. The Crinklz Crew love to play and with imaginations like theirs, every day is a new adventure

With Crinklz, we do our best to make sure everyone can play to their little heart’s content. Our diapers are made with sensitive folks in mind: from our dye-free absorbent core to our soft, flexible plastic. Our latex-free products are medical-grade and comply with all EU regulations, which means there are no harmful materials in our diapers.

Play in comfort and confidence with Crinklz!

Paw-some features

  • designed for maximum absorbency

  • unique lateral stretch factor in proprietary plastic film (which means it stretches in all directions)

  • large, dye-free absorbent core (the "Acquisition and Distribution Layer")

  • exceptional odor protection

  • elastic waistbands in the front and in the back for a snug fit

  • extra high standing leg cuffs (ca. 5,5 cm / 2.16 in) to accommodate diaper doublers and prevent leaks

  • ink wetness indicator

  • all over adorable print illustrated by Marci McAdam

Let's Play!

In the Crinklz Original print, helpful rows of larger stars on the wings of the diapers assist in consistent application of the four large second-chance tapes.  

Our proprietary stretchy plastic allows for a more comfortable and formed fit. So, finding a size that fits is a lot easier than with most adult diapers.

Crinklz Original print is Leah the lion's favorite. She loves to play soccer and the secure fit allows her to run and play all day!

 Stay pawsome!

🏆 Award-Winning Quality

Crinklz is the champion of protection, receiving the Performance and Cost-Effectiveness crown in the ADISC Advanced Diaper Reviews (April 2020). It also aced the Incontinence Resource Center's review with a stellar "Very Good" in all aspects.

💧 Great Absorbency

Say goodbye to worries about leaks! Designed for heavy urinary and fecal incontinence, Crinklz holds a remarkable real-world absorbency* of 1120 ml / 39.5 oz in sizes M and L – over two full voids. Whether it's day or night, you'll stay dry and comfortable. With extra tall standing leak guards (5.5 cm/2.1 in, smaller in size S), even side sleepers can rest easy.

*in accordance with DIN 13222:2015-03

🌿 Exceptional Safety

Your well-being matters. Manufactured in compliance with medical device regulations in the European Union, Crinklz guarantees consistent quality and the absence of harmful materials, meeting California Proposition 65 standards. Plus, no worries about latex – our diapers are completely latex-free.

✨ Comfort and Discretion

Wear confidently with our discreet backsheet that seamlessly blends under clothing. The gentle, elastic outer shell ensures quiet comfort during your daily activities, while the anti-odor components eliminate any telltale smells.

🚀 Active Lifestyle, Uninterrupted

Unlike pull-on diapers, Crinklz allows you to change on the go without removing your pants, offering great flexibility. The extra-large tape tabs secure the diaper in place, letting you focus on your active life.

🌎 A Greener Choice

Make an eco-conscious decision with Crinklz. We've maximized packaging efficiency to minimize our carbon footprint. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond, as we continuously innovate for an eco-friendly future without compromising performance.

💚 Ethical Manufacturing

Embrace protection with a purpose. Our European-manufactured diapers support fair wages and sustainable practices, from sourcing trusted raw materials to manufacturing each diaper.

Make Crinklz your choice for great protection and peace of mind. Experience the difference today!

Greater sizing

The Original comes in sizes Small to X-Large. So these diapers can fit waists from 55cm-170cm (or 22in-66 in).

Original Onesies?

The print's so cute, we're even thinking of making some adorable onesies. This one's just a prototype, though. :)

Perfect for Play

Our stretchy backsheet allows for all types of active lifestyles. Play to your little heart's content without worrying about leakage.