CAPCon 2019 was a blast!

CAPCon 2019 was a blast!

The Crinklz Crew had such a great time at CAPCon 2019! Were you able to visit the booth? Our team gave away so much great swag: coloring books, colored pencils, pencil cases, bags, lanyards, personalized buttons, and more!

Crinklz Shooting Gallery at CAPCon (Chicago Ageplay Convention) 2019.


We even had a super cute Crinklz Shooting Gallery!! A lot of littles got enjoyment out of knocking down the stars.

Crinklz also donated over a THOUSAND adult diapers to the changing room! Wow! Talk about a lot of padding. To make sure that little ones were nice and comfy, we included one of our new Crinklz adult changing pads.

Crinklz Adult-Sized Diaper Changing Mat at CAPCon 2019


We can't wait until next year's CAP. Who knows what we'll bring...