About Crinklz

Why Crinklz?

There are many printed diapers on the market today. When we were asked to produce one, we wanted to create a diaper that could go into the baby diaper aisle, thus making all kids at heart, and their caregivers, happier.

When it comes to diapers, more diaper equals more absorbency equals no leaks or wet pants. That means your little one may have a bulky bottom with their Crinklz diaper on, but you will have peace of mind that there won’t be any leaks. Crinklz and his friends will look super adorable on a bulky padded bottom!


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We have worked with a number of retailers to make the Crinklz diapers available near you. Please click on the button below to find out where to buy them.

German and Austrian customers can now order the new Crinklz diapers from Amazon.de:

Crinklz on Amazon.de

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